Day One

I’m finally starting a new blog today. It always feels intimidating to get started… but the beginning of any journey is always the first step (or first post in the case), so… here goes.

If history is a good guide, I’m sure the topics will meander a bit, but I’m planning to stay generally centered around technology involved in managing Information. Of course, I reserve the right to rant on a variety of topics, and occasionally offer an opinion on something I encounter on one of my journeys.

By way of background, I work for IBM, live in Massachusetts, and have about 17 years of experience in all aspects of software. At this point in time, I’m most interested in topics like master data management, data integration, metadata management, data governance, stream processing, big data analytics, data warehousing, and data protection, so I’ll likely be talking about some of those. However, as I said, my interests have a tendency to shift…

Hopefully, you’ll find these things as interesting as I do.


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