Visualizing Big Data

One of the big problems with Big Data is understanding quickly what is in it. Visualization tools can help this enormously. IBM provides two sets of tools that can help solve this problem for big data sets.

First of all, IBM BigSheets is our insight engine for line of business professionals within BigInsights. This layers on top of Hadoop, leveraging MapReduce to process through big data sets. It provides what looks and feels like a browser-based spreadsheet for manipulating huge datasets. Like a spreadsheet, data can be sorted, filtered,pivoted, or calculated. You can even run macros against it, including LanguageWare macros.

Also like a spreadsheet, you can visualize the data. For this BigSheets uses IBM Many Eyes. The result is some really nice visualizations of huge data sets that can be tailored by anybody who knows how to use a regular spreadsheet. There is a great demo on YouTube if you are interested.

For more intensive analytics, we provide Cognos Content Analytics, which provides more detailed analytic capabilities, with the ability to find specific associations of concepts across unstructured documents. For example, you can use the tool to discover the incidences of specific part failures across warranty claims, and then understand what the primary customer complaints were for each part failure.

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