Like riding a bike…

So I officially start in a new role in the WebSphere group within IBM, so my professional focus expands beyond pure information and into the realm of process and messaging. This is actually where I spent most of my career prior to getting into the information world, so hopefully it will be like riding a bike and it will come back to me quickly.

Interestingly, I was already doing some work in looking at the convergence between process and information. It is something I’ve been talking about for several years, though IT organizations have been a bit slow to architect this way – I think largely because their information and SOA development teams tend to be completely separate. However, there is a big shift happening, where new roles are emerging for information process architects (and similar titles) that work across disciplines.

Rob Karel from Forrester has done a nice job documenting the trend, and Mark Beyer from Gartner has also been doing a lot of research in this area. In fact, Rob’s latest blog post really flips the coin on the investment into information technologies like MDM:

So what is data governance all about? It’s all about business process, of course.

I believe the next wave of investment will be directly in this area as MDM implementations mature and organizations look to gain more value from their investments. Now I get to look at this from the other side of the coin…

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One thought on “Like riding a bike…

  1. Andy Warzecha says:

    Don’t forget about the people elements of this too 🙂

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