Meteoric Growth of Mobile in Growth Markets

I spent this week in Australia meeting with customers and partners. Like what I have seen in other geographies, mobile is an extremely hot topic here.

And as if to cap it all off, this morning’s The Australian had a page 3 article titled, “It’s a desktop revolution as Aussies take to their tablets.” The article claims that “half of Australia’s population will be using a tablet computer by 2016.” That would get it to that percentage in half the time it took smart phones to get there.

Everybody seems to have a vision for where they need to go with mobile apps, but few seem to have an idea of how to get there, other than “just have someone go and build an app”. This is one of those rare occasions when there is an enormous growth opportunity, but there isn’t a clear reference architecture to adopt, and there isn’t a clear technology leader who can provide all the pieces to help companies get there.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the coming year. From my conversations, I would estimate that more than half of organizations worldwide will be investing in some level of mobile applications this year. Intriguingly, the percentages seem to be even higher when you drop down to the mid-market (typically mid-market adopts later). Meanwhile, the big vendors are scrambling to piece together offerings to help organizations be more systematic in how they deploy and manage these new applications.

I expect a run on the independent mobile development platforms (Worklight is already off the board). I’m eager to see what other moves will be made…

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