But the demo looked so good…

Java boutique consulting firm Transentia provides an interesting, in-depth critique of Oracle OSB. Here’s a snippet:

“It is very rare that I react so strongly against a technology….can’t really think of another example. I’m usually pretty gung-ho and even suffer from odd breakouts of evangelical fervour. I can even find a place for UML in the nerd-ish pantheon 🙂 For this product all bets are off. I’m struggling to find a silver lining in the cloud.”

This reinforces an opinion I’ve held for some time (of course I’m biased): Outside of their database, I have found that Oracle’s core competencies are really just pretty packaging, compelling charts, and flashy contracts.

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One thought on “But the demo looked so good…

  1. Matt McLarty says:

    And here come Hadoop and HANA to whittle away at the DB business…

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