API Management: On Premise or Off Premise?

I have been having more and more customer conversations recently about API Management. Interestingly there are a range of discussions, from customers wanting to publish their own API & Mobile “Stores,” to customers simply wanting to open up key service interfaces over the Internet.

One thing that I continuously get asked is whether API Management functions should be housed on premise or off premise. In some ways, the decision of where to manage APIs is no different than any other on premise vs. off premise discussion. However, when security and system protection are paramount concerns, there is no question that those functions are best hosted on site, typically in a service gateway appliance within your DMZ. At the same time, there are distinct advantages to placing things like Developer Awareness and Support in the Cloud.

Ideally, you should look at each of the main functions of API Management you are deploying and determine where each one is optimal to run. Good API Management products will give you the flexibility to run things where they make the most sense.

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2 thoughts on “API Management: On Premise or Off Premise?

  1. Matt McLarty says:

    Agreed… Flexibility is important, but for enterprise with mission critical NFR’s–reliability, security, performance–service levels cannot be compromised.

    • mikecurr55 says:

      Thanks Matt – exactly my point! Some stuff needs to be on-premise when QoS and security requirements are stringent, but some other functions of API Management, like developer awareness and support may still be better off in the cloud where facilitation of a robust ecosystem is easier.

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