New API Management Offering from IBM – Give it a try!

To steal the words of Alex Williams, we “quietly launched” a new API Management service today. I’m very excited about this new offering. It is visually elegant, and provides some fantastic capabilities covering all aspects of API management. It offers the ability to easily socialize APIs through a developer portal and manage API consumption, including some really nice use of advanced big data analytics. Unlike other API Management offerings in the market, it also allows customers to easily create new APIs, using Cast Iron’s intuitive integration capabilities under the covers.

This offering allows our customers to combine on-premise DataPower appliances for security and policy enforcement, including two and three-legged OAuth and traffic management, with cloud-hosted developer outreach and support, API analytics, operational monitoring and control, and life cycle management.

I’m convinced it is the most complete API Management offering in the market: the combination of the market leading security gateway functionality of DataPower with these new cloud-based visual analytics, developer outreach, and life cycle management capabilities, with embedded API creation and integration capabilities of Cast Iron. It is a truly everything an organization needs to get started in publishing enterprise-class APIs.

And best of all, you can start using it for free! See for yourself:


One thought on “New API Management Offering from IBM – Give it a try!

  1. Matt McLarty says:

    Congrats on the new offering! It’s a very exciting market.

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