Blogs Become Infographics

In case you haven’t noticed, Infographics are hot. I heard about, a new Web-based infographics creation tool, so I decided to give it a try. As you can see (click on the picture to see the full Infographic), my result is relatively simple – mostly because I didn’t have time or patience to play more. I’m not sure if these infographics tools will take off or not, but the trend toward graphical blogging will likely result in these types of tools being embedded in your favorite blog authoring tools. seems pretty easy to use, but the beta is a bit buggy. I had to recreate the graph a few times. Plus the options are very limited right now, but I could definitely see these tools merging into WordPress and others over time.


One thought on “Blogs Become Infographics

  1. Matt McLarty says:

    Yes, infographics are all the rage. There’s another free tool here…

    …but it looks like they’re having some stability issues. I’m getting a DB connection error this morning…

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