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The race to SaaS has been impressive as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft have scooped up a variety of SaaS vendors over the past 12 months. Meanwhile the SaaS vendors presumably deemed too expensive to buy, like and Workday, have continued to thrive, beginning an acquisition wave of their own.

SaaS has clearly gotten the attention of the big application vendors like Oracle, which has bought SaaS plays Taleo and RightNow in recent months. In fact, Larry Ellison even (surprisingly) mentioned wins against Workday on his last earnings call. And in a typical display of Oracle Math, Mark Hurd claimed that Oracle is the second largest seller of online applications. Whether or not you drink the coolaid, it is clear that Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft are moving to SaaS, and moving there fast.

However, continues to dominate the SaaS space, at least for salesforce automation, eating a big chunk of revenue out of Oracle’s former stronghold. I am continuing to see more and more companies of all sizes choosing, many of them SAP and Oracle stalwarts. The good news for IBM is that whenever organizations choose one of these applications, they need a way to easily integrate it back into their on-premise systems. There is nobody better at this than IBM.

A great example of this is Philips Healthcare, who combined SAP and together in less than two weeks using IBM technology. Stefan Katz, Director of Application Architecture at Philips, will be discussing this on a great upcoming webinar on June 22 at 10AM PT. I encourage you to register and check it out: Register Here.

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