Its Official… Microsoft Will Disrupt the Mobile Market

The reports creeping out from Microsoft’s media event in Hollywood this week are clearly exactly what Microsoft was hoping for. With their release of the new Surface tablet, Microsoft is back in the game. Although this puts some strain on their hardware vendor relationships with long-term partners Dell & HP, it firmly plants them as a player in the mobile tablet space.

Image courtesy of Microsoft

According to Bloomberg analysts, Microsoft may quickly capture 10% of the tablet market. As my earlier post surmised, I believe that Microsoft’s establishment in the business world, and their enormous Marketing machine, will quickly make them the #3 player. Like Apple, their ownership of the operating system and the hardware give them a distinct advantage. Unlike Apple, Microsoft’s dominance on the desktop may make them a more natural choice for businesses.

In any case, Microsoft can no longer be ignored. I expect the app developers to flock there quickly.

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2 thoughts on “Its Official… Microsoft Will Disrupt the Mobile Market

  1. Matt McLarty says:

    Agreed. So far their timing is perfect, but they need to deliver a product that lives up to the hype they created.

    • mikecurr55 says:

      …not sure if their timing is perfect – it seems they missed about two years of this market! 😉 You’re dead on though that they need to impress out of the gates. If not, this could be their next Ted.

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